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Welcome to MSullivanTales, a site of poems and prose for children.

Michael Sullivan is an award-winning writer and a pediatric nurse. He has carried his unique brand of humor into schools and theaters throughout the country.
So step right up.  Loosen those jowls a little.
And enjoy!



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), and "Sinking Ship."

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Other publications

"Show and Snail" - Highlights for Children, February 2015

"Mrs. Wight," Dark Moon Digest, 2012

"Lake Josephine" and "Mrs. Wight" - Open Doors - Fractured Fairy Tales, December 2012

"The Other Van Helsing" - Dark Eclipse #17November 2012

"The Zamboni" - Chicken Soup for the Soul, Hooked on Hockey, October 2012

"Sore Sport" - And the Crowd Goes Wild, 2012

"Boris' Aria" - The First Book of Classical Horror Stories,  July 2012

"Pass the Peas, Please" - Highlights for Children, March, 2014

"Overstuffed" - Highlights for Children, September 2013

"A Witch's Favorite Things" and "The Shadow" - In the Garden of the Crow, 2011

"A Prickling on My Shoulder" - Crow Toes Quarterly, September 2010

"The Tale of Tom Keeper" - Stories That Lift, 2010

"Pencil Magoo" - Spaceports & Spidersilk, June 2010

"Treefish" - Stories That Lift, 2010

"If you haven't smiled since Saturday" - Bumples, June 2010

"Darsha" - Silver Blade Magazine, 2010

"The Leprechaun's House" - Irish's Story Playhouse - Storyteller Tymes, March 2010

"The Zamboni" - First Place, Nonfiction. Sherwood Forest Literary Journal 2007.

"Pencil Magoo" - First Place, Fiction. Sherwood Forest Literary Journal 2005.

"Arturo" - The Last Man AnthologySword and Saga Press, August 2010 (includes stories by Ray Bradbury and CJ Cherryh)

"Let's Get Creative" - Bridal Guide Magazine, November 2001.

"My Day at the Spa" - Bridal Guide Magazine, November 2000.

"Something Wonderful is About to Happen" - Music and storytelling tape with The Brothers Grinn, 1999

"Where Eagles Sore" - The Stamford Advocate, February 1997.


"When I needed to tell my story there was only one person I could trust. And since he wasn't available I had to tell Michael Sullivan. He better not have messed it up."
- Philbert
"First Flight of The Philbert"

“Bock bock brrrg bock.
Bock! Brrg bock bock. Brg. Michael Sullivan? Bock.”
- Brrg
“Chef Blarney Cooks a Crocochicken”


“I thought Mr. Sullivan’s portrayal of life as a wolfman was completely inaccurate. We don’t just run around and haunt kids in nightmares. We’re branching out. Trying to do some in the daytime now. I drive a school bus three mornings a week. Scares the heck out of kids.”

- Wolfman

“The Journey Stone”


"I love your writing. It's imaginative, fun, very creative and at times very touching. You clearly understand how kids think."

- Barbara Rittenhouse

Vice President & Publisher, Special Markets
Publications International, Ltd.


On my storytelling adventures with The Brothers Grinn:


“With imagination, wit, and razor sharp improv, this troupe is like Second City for kids (of all ages).”

- The Westchester/Connecticut Weekly


“The Brothers Grinn are a delightfully entertaining troupe that combines interactive storytelling and original music to create an enjoyable time for everyone. The quick wit and sharp improvisational skills of The Brothers Grinn make storytelling the way it was meant to be ---fun! Their creativity and humor is an experience to behold.

- Louisiana Renaissance Festival

State laughs anyone?


“I find myself writing to you with only the highest praise from our audiences about the quality of the performances of The Brothers Grinn. I am so grateful that you explored new ideas with us and produced a fine performance. We respect your professionalism and look forward to the next opportunity to bring delight to the children and adults who enjoy your work. Thank you again for a wonderful afternoon.”

- Brooklyn Museum of Art


“What a delight! I can’t recall having so much fun in a library. I felt we had truly traveled to fantastic places to meet fantastic characters. The audience was completely enchanted.”

- Pelham Public Library



“Think ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?' with 'Shrek' and a little of ‘The Princess Bride’ thrown in, and you’ll get the idea of what a performance by The Brothers Grinn is like.”

- Ocean Avenue Elementary

“I would highly recommend The Brothers Grinn storytelling troupe. They are a group of very talented, entertaining and interactive storytellers/actors. The Brothers Grinn enthusiastically involved students and teachers, holding the attention of all. The teachers remarked on the program being a great motivator for writing activities. This was an inspirational way to kick off our Read Across America celebration.”

- Nathan Hale School


Some of the places I’ve brought storytelling: The Bronx Botanical Gardens, The Bronx Zoo, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, Bruce Museum of Art, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, The Emelin Theater, JFK Library and Museum, National Storytelling Festival, The NY Renaissance Faire, The Maryland Renaissance Faire, The Louisiana Renaissance Faire, The Rich Forum, Rye First Night, Stepping Stones Museum for Children, The Toyota Comedy Festival, and Schools and Libraries and Bookstores throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

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